How do I work with Joy Lab to create my online video course?

Quality takes effort.

Your hard work will pay off!

Before you know it, you will be sharing your passion and improving lives with your online video course!

Video Course Creation

1.  Preproduction.  Joy Lab works to understand your video course purpose and style, consult with script writing, provide all necessary release forms, hire professional actors or voice talent if needed.  You will work to plot the course outline, write the script, and create any necessary worksheets.  Your preparation will make the shoots go smoothly, but you don't have to be a professional actor - Joy Lab will help you be awesome!

2. We shoot your video!  Joy Lab provides all the lights, cameras, microphones and film crew.  You wear your favorite color and have your script and props on hand.  Set up takes about one hour.  Shooting may take 4-6 hours, one or more days, depending on your course needs.

3.  Post Production.  Editing the video course takes the longest time.  Estimate 5 hours of work for every one minute of video!  

You could stop here.  Pay Joy Lab for the work of creating the video course, then launch your course on your own platform.  Price ranges from $100-500 per finished minute.

Hosting the Video Course

Let Joy Lab host your video course in an online platform that does everything for you, from payment processing to course completion certificates for your happy students!  See an example here.

Instead of paying Joy Lab up front for creating your video course, pay $400 per day of shooting.  Then simply give 50% royalties to Joy Lab for as long as your video course exists.  This is a convenient way to pay Joy Lab over time for all their hard work.  Good for someone with social media advertising expertise, a successful blog, or who has time to learn to do it themselves.

Ongoing Course Promotion

You’ve created an exceptional video course.  People are tired of wasting time searching for the answers. People are willing to pay to learn what you know! You must help them find your course. Let Joy Lab help your course succeed!

Here are some of the ways Joy Lab will promote your course with your input:

An example Display ad that entices clicks!

An example Display ad that entices clicks!

  1. Create Display Ads for you to pay to place on websites and boost on Facebook.
  2. Create Video Ads for you to use on your Facebook/Instagram page.
  3. Create Landing Pages, Squeeze Pages, Thank You Pages.
  4. Use Infusionsoft to create an 18-touch email marketing campaign, such as this:
infusionsoft quilt 2.JPG

5.  Put Video Course Teaser on Joy Lab YouTube and Facebook pages.

Instead of paying Joy Lab up front for creating your video course, pay $400 per day of shooting.  10% of each course sale goes to Joy Lab for as long as your video course exists, and $19 a month fee for the life of the video course.  The $19 a month covers the ongoing sales support, and the 10% is an incentive for Joy Lab to promote your course.