I began to dream of having a bigger reach.

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Tonya lehman, owner of joy lab

Tonya lehman, owner of joy lab

My name is Tonya Lehman. I was teaching high school biology, reaching 150 students a day. While showing films such as “I Am Joe’s Heart” and “Nematodes and You”, I began to dream of having a bigger reach. If I could make educational films, I could touch more than my 150 students. 

With my company Joy Lab, I make more of an impact. Now I can educate and inspire people all over the world. You can to!

Visualize spreading the word about the benefits of your business with video.

Imagine sharing your skills and talents and experience with the world through online video courses, while gaining an extra income stream.

Anticipate learning what you want, when you want.

With Joy Lab, you can!

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San Diego, California, USA