How Much Will My Video Cost?

Hire an expert - don't do it yourself!

If you like to cook, then you could cater the big event yourself.

If you have a pair of scissors, then you could give yourself a haircut.

If you know how to use a hammer and saw, then you could install your own crown molding.

Or you could hire an expert to get the job done right!

Experience shows.

Quality is worth investing in.

Standard Professional Video Production Costs

Professional video production is a process that provides writing, filming, editing, and distributing.  The price is usually calculated as a price per finished minute.

The cost varies according to the length and complexity of the project.  Typical prices range from $500-$10,000 per finished minute. 

What is Involved

  • Pre-production:  Concept meetings, script writing, hiring actors or spokespersons, location scouting
  • Production:  Setting up lights, cameras, sound equipment, props, filming, tear-down of equipment, trained production staff
  • Post-production:  upload footage, edit video, add titles, text, lower thirds, logos, images, voice overs, royalty-free music, rendering, preparing for appropriate platform for distribution
Tonya lehman, owner of joy lab

Tonya lehman, owner of joy lab

From a one minute promotional video at your office, to a multi-day multi-location shoot, Joy Lab will create video you will be proud of!