Who's on First?

At a recent weekly business meeting the speaker was explaining the confusing alphabet soup that is Medicare plans.  

Although I am not close to qualifying for Medicare, I listened politely, because that's what we do.

After one particularly convoluted explanation, someone in the audience muttered, "Who's on first?"

Who’s on first?

We all laughed.

Then I started wondering.... Does the younger generation get that reference?

It comes from a 1930 comedy routine in which Bud Abbott tells Lou Costello about a baseball team.  You have to watch it to understand.

"I don't know... Third Base!"


  • The point is that Medicare is as confusing as Abbott and Costello.

  • The point is, do younger people know about this old black and white comedy routine?

Here's an updated version from 2012.

"Who? What? Yes?"