Her Dream Came True – After She Was Dead!

Her dying wish was to be a jetsetter.

Someone who travels the world for pleasure.

Have you heard of Vera Anderson?  Vera Anderson was an Idaho woman stricken with emphysema and cardiovascular disease, yet she still dreamed of the day she would travel the world.  Being tied to an oxygen tank kept her from taking any journeys at all.

She died surrounded by her children and grandchildren in 2001 at age 78.

Her son Ross was determined to fulfill Vera’s dying wish.

But how?

Ross sent her ashes to more than 250 cities worldwide!

Dead Mum’s World Tour

Dead Mum’s World Tour

This included all 50 states and 191 countries.

Ross packaged the ashes in sealed plastic bags, added a note asking its reader to find a nice place for the ashes, and sent them to the head postmaster in the main post offices of the capitals of all 50 states as well as capitals of every country.

Soon, pictures and letters poured in detailing what had been done with the ashes.

In Thailand, her ashes were sprinkled along the Chao Phraya River.  Her ashes are on the icecaps of Antarctica, and the state capitol grounds in Alabama. The director general of the Ukrainian State Enterprise of Posts wrote, “We have fulfilled your wish as for the last will of your mother.  Accept our condolences concerning your bereavement.” 

There are seven continents.

There are seven continents.

Vera Anderson is in the Guinness World Records as the “Most Traveled Ashes.”

But really, did she do anything to deserve that record?

We think so. 

  • She raised her son right.

  • She put in writing exactly what she wanted done with her ashes.

Vera had an amazing son. “There are so many people in so many places who have put her ashes places that she’d love,” Ross shared.  Think of the blessing he received each time a letter or photo came from all over the world!

You have amazing children, too.  Perhaps they drive you crazy at times, maybe they make your life chaotic.  But each child is special, and is your gift. 

Even on the days you wish there was a return policy on children!

Happy Jumping Boy

Happy Jumping Boy

What did you take away from Vera and Ross’s story?  Are you disgusted?  Surprised?  Inspired?  What would you have done with her ashes?  Write us back and let us know.

PS.  What do you wish you could do sooner than later?