"Make Good Choices" - It's Not Just For Children

Your child has ADHD.  Or autism.  The diagnosis isn’t a death sentence, but the circumstances of your family’s daily life can be difficult.

  • At family gatherings, you dread Aunt Margaret criticizing your child’s behavior.

  • You cringe when school projects are assigned, because your child never finishes school projects without last minute drama.

  • You wish the teacher would like your child.

  • You know bedtime will be a battle, especially on soccer night.


Do you feel stuck?

Do you avoid certain people because they make you feel like a bad parent?

Do you dread emails from your child’s teacher?

Do you feel you have done all you can, yet school is still awful?

Maybe you can just try harder.

Oh, please. 

Insanity is doing the same thing over and over, and expecting different results.

insanity quote.jpg


Make a better choice.

We have created our ADHD Parent Master Course:  Knowledge is Power to help you.  To make a difference in your child’s life.  To make a difference in your family.

Simply watch our 11 video lessons along with over 30 brief expert answers to questions parents are often unwilling to ask.

You are busy. Everyone is busy. This video course is like having access to experts whenever you want!

Binge watch the course.  Or listen to it as you would an audiobook.  Or watch a little at a time.  Owning the course gives you unlimited access to Crystal and Cindi on your own schedule.

But the $99 back-to-school sale of our course ends after 11:59pm PDT Monday September 30.  On October 1, the price jumps up 60% to our regular price of $247.

Don’t miss out on this amazing price.  Take this seriously.  This could change your life.


With this course, you will get answers you need.

  • What ADHD is,

  • How to navigate school for your child with ADHD,

  • Where you can get help.

Knowledge is power! 

Instead of dismay over the circumstances of your child’s diagnosis, you are choosing to take action.

Instead of trying the same thing over and over, you will understand your child, and know what to do.

Imagine having these benefits:

  • You will save your sanity once you learn exactly how ADHD truly is a brain-based disorder. 

  • You will save thousands of dollars on advocate and attorney fees. You will be able to navigate the school system like a pro!

  • You will save hours of your limited time because you will know where you can get the help you need for your child.

It’s time to choose to take action.

Join now!

PS if you have questions, see the Frequently Asked Questions section on our product page.