Weird Advice From the Internet

It used to be when you needed some advice, you called mom.

  • How do I know when chicken has gone bad?

Or you talked to a friend who had gone through a similar experience.

  • What should I wear to the job interview?

Now we simply ask Google.

  • (Here’s Google’s answers, in case you are wondering: it looks grey and smells sour; match the company dress code.)

Of course, Google won’t come over and help you pick out an outfit, or let you borrow something to wear like a friend would.  Google may suggest chicken recipes, but doesn’t know how to make Grandma’s secret chicken casserole recipe like your mom does.

Google doesn’t wear pearls, like mom used to.

Google doesn’t wear pearls, like mom used to.

Some of Google’s advice is just plain bad.

  • You should remove moles with dental floss. (Sounds like infection waiting to happen.)

  • You can get flat abs in 5 minutes a day with this miracle exercise. (Yeah, right!)

  • You can make anti-acne face mask out of kitty litter. (Gross!)

kitty litter

Don’t do these things!

Do you remember when you first brought your baby home?

  • Maybe you read baby books.

  • Maybe you grew up the oldest in your family and had a lot of experience with little brothers and sisters.

  • There still was a learning curve getting used to your baby, and fitting in to your growing family.


Now now, don’t judge!  You remember how it was when your baby didn’t sleep.  A new dad’s got to eat!  He said, “The only way my 3-day-old daughter would fall asleep. After two hours of carrying her around, I got hungry.”

You can find all sorts of child-rearing advice online.

  • Some of it is reputable, like Pampers’ YouTube video teaching how to diaper your baby. 

  • Some of it is not.

Have you seen the movie Penny Serenade?  This gentle comedy, from 1941, follows the lives of a couple who unexpectedly adopt a baby.  The husband, played by Cary Grant, wasn’t sure he even wanted to be a father, until he saw his wife, played by Irene Dunne, holding a precious baby girl.

Watch as they nervously bathe and diaper their baby the very first time. Good advice comes from an unexpected source. (You can stop once the record starts spinning, at 1:18).

What a cutie!  Do you remember those days?

Aren’t you grateful for disposable diapers?  Or, if you were a cloth diaper family, for waterproof diaper covers?

How precious babies are!  Think of how much you have learned as a parent over the years!  How special our children are, no matter what age.

No matter how much they drive us crazy.

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