Family Secrets - Don't Tell!

Don't you wish you knew the story behind this family photo? Or stories?


If you have had a relatively fun and relaxed childhood, all things considered, then you probably owe your mom a huge gift.

All families will have some traction, all kinds of small feuds and issues, and perhaps a few skeletons in the closet.

It’s up to moms to act as a buffer between their children and the turbulent relations within the family, always keeping their chin up and a smile on their face.


Especially on family vacations with teens!


Isn't it great how this mom shows love to her children in this family photo?

Some differences in our children can cause confusion or embarrassment. Especially at school.

Watch what our expert Cindi says about when you disagree with school officials.

A parent has multiple jobs. Start by getting more information from the counselor.
— Cindi Britton, ADHD Expert

Another family secret: ADHD or autism wont get better on it's own. Early intervention is key.

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