Mom is Always Right - Except When She's Not

Moms do make mistakes.

We look at this photo, and think,

What was she thinking???

But stop it.  You know you’ve done something like that.

  • Like taking your timid child to the shark exhibit.

  • Like making your kid go to school when they were sick.

  • Like making your teen die of embarrassment just because a good song comes on.

Apart from making sure that they are safe, and have enough to eat and wear, a mother will face a thousand and one little challenges while trying to raise her kids right. 

Challenges that outsiders do not see.


I see a perfect family.

I also see

  • the struggle to find everyone’s shoes

  • the argument with the daughter who only wears princess dresses

  • the child who is distracted by the lights

  • the struggle to get teeth brushed and hair combed

  • the meltdown about to happen

  • and the teen who is dying of embarrassment

Quirky characteristics can be hidden from the outside world.  Your spouse who collects Russian space pins.  Your teen who is obsessed with Legos.  Your child who will only eat orange foods.  Your kid who is always fidgeting.


It can be difficult.  It can seem like you are all alone. 

You are not alone.  You are valuable to your family.  You are doing a good jobYou care.

Mothers matter.

You matter.

You are strawberries.jpg

Just know that none of us are right all the time…