List-Makers Rule the World!

October 30 is National Checklist Day.  Honest!

Extreme workout checklist. Whew!

Extreme workout checklist. Whew!

Just kidding.  That’s HIS checklist, not ours.

Some of you are list-makers.

  • Do you keep a list of movies you want to watch, books you want to read, restaurants you want to try?

  • Do you start off the new year with a list of goals?

  • Do you have a list of chores for each member of your family?

And the ultimate sign you are a list maker:

  • Do you ever get something done, then go back and write it on your To-Do List, just so you can cross it off?

Lovely list-maker

Lovely list-maker

A to-do list is like a wish list, except you are more likely to do the things on your to-do list.

A wish list is like those New Year’s resolutions.  “I wish I could lose weight.”  “I wish I could put more money in savings.”

Wishful thinking.

Yet to-do lists seem to compel us to take action.


Taking action is a good thing! (Unless robbing a bank is on your To-Do list).

Bank robber silhouette.

Bank robber silhouette.

What about our children?  Can we make to-do lists for them?

A chore chart is a to-do list. 


  • Eat breakfast

  • Get dressed

  • Brush teeth & hair

  • Put on socks and shoes

  • Get backpack

  • Get lunch

Beautiful school morning!

Beautiful school morning!

Easy, right?  Mornings should be a breeze!

We wish!

Watch this 38 second video to see what our expert says about to-do lists.

Our children need our help.  Even more so if they are affected by ADHD or autism or other disabilities.

A list could help.

“Remember, they need to keep it short,” says our expert Cindi.

You can’t wish away ADHD.  But there is hope for your child with ADHD. Here are some list-making strategies that parents find helpful:

  • Making a list is a great form of mental rehearsal, of going through the tasks and goals of the day. As you help your child make a list, talk about each step so they can visualize doing it.

  • Many kids with ADHD have poor handwriting due to problems with fine motor coordination.  Writing and talking through the list is more important the reading the list.  Writing on ‘special’ paper, such as sticky notes or official planning paper or even a tablet, can help.

  • Keep the list short; three items is a good list. Watch for when your child gets frustrated with an item on the list and help them change the failure message.  Be their cheerleader!

You are a resourceful parent. Do you use special paper for your child’s to-do lists?  What have you found works for to-do lists? How will you be your child’s cheerleader today?  Let us know so we can share with other parents just like you.

Every day should be Valentine’s Day!

Every day should be Valentine’s Day!

PS.  This is just a small example of the benefit we have in ADHD Parent Master Course:  Knowledge is Power.  Learn more here. Join us! And if you’re experiencing autism, see our other resources here.

We Have What You Need to Make Your Wish for Your Child Come True

We’ve been sharing (and laughing a bit) about wishes.

We all have wishes for ourselves, our families, and for our children.

Some families are dealing with a diagnosis of ADHD or autism.  We wish to help make your family’s journey smoother.

Happy jumping boy

Happy jumping boy

Today we’re excited to announce our ADHD Parent Master Course:  Knowledge is Power!

We created this course because we see so many parents struggling. 

  • What’s wrong with my son?  Why can’t he act like other people’s kids?

  • How come the teacher is always sending my child to detention? 

  • Where can I get answers?  What is the solution to fix my child?

ADHD is real.  ADHD is caused by differences in the brain.  Not by differences in thoughts or dreams.  By biological differences. Differences your child was born with.

Does that sound like your child is condemned to be an outcast?  Someone who only can relate to others by fighting or through video games?  Someone who will never hold down a job?

Will they ever be able to live on their own?

Will anyone love them?


Frustrated parents

Frustrated parents

We wish for the best for our children.  We wish for them to learn and grow into successful, happy adults.  Adults who have their own families and careers.  And who call home occasionally!

We can help you now, when your child is young. Now is the time to take the first step in the right direction.

Get ready to refocus your child’s bright, yet unfocused, mind!

Our ADHD Parent Master Course:  Knowledge is Power online video course was created by us.  If you join, by the end of this ADHD Parent Master Course, you will have the three pillars of knowledge.  You will know

  1. What ADHD is,

  2. How to navigate school for your child with ADHD,

  3. Where you can get help.

Knowledge is power! 

Instead of wishing things could get better for your child, you are taking action.

I wish…

I wish…

Imagine having these benefits:

  1. You will save your sanity once you learn exactly how ADHD truly is a brain-based disorder. 

  2. You will save thousands of dollars on advocate and attorney fees. You will be able to navigate the school system like a pro!

  3. You will save hours of your limited time because you will know where you can get the help you need for your child.

You have good days.  You have bad days. 

Do you ever wish you had more good days?  That the bad days wouldn’t be so rough?

Are you doing well with your child at home and at school, just to have a set back? 

  • A tantrum at the grocery store?

  • A stern email from the teacher?

  • Another tardy because he couldn’t get dressed on time?

  • A lecture from your nosey neighbor on how they raised their children right?

Teacher scolding a child

Teacher scolding a child

Are you tired of the endless struggle?

Watching our 11 video lessons and over 30 short expert answer videos will give you the tools you need to guide your child to their best life.

If you are facing autism or another disability, you can simply click here to see our other resources.

Our ADHD Master Course:  Knowledge is Power is worth your peace of mind.

Learn more.

Mischievous boy in class

Mischievous boy in class

PS.  We want to show you what’s possible for you and your child.  But you DO need to act today.  Your child and your sanity is worth it!  All the details are here.  If you are experiencing autism or another disability, click here to see our other resources.

How Often Should I Post Video on my Facebook Business Page?

facebook video image

How often should I post new video on my Facebook business page?

The bloggers say it depends.  On audience preferences, audience demographics, the size of your following, the type of your business.

The bloggers say to look at your data, look at your demographic.

The bloggers say to look at a business similar to yours, and to copy them. 

Let’s try that.

The directions by Sophia Dagnon in agora pulse are for your own business.  But let’s extend that to a type of business for which you don’t have Facebook Insights access.

Take Payment Processing.  Put Payment Processing Business in the search bar, and click Pages.  You want the business page to see how often they post video.  I’m comparing local companies, so I click that Category to the left.

screenshot of facebook search results payment processing business

How are they listed?  Who is listed first?  We won’t delve into the ever-changing mysteries of Facebook ranking here.

screenshot facebook search results

We have a range of number of likes, and star rating.  For brevity, let’s look at the first four on the ranking.

Total-Apps Advanced Payment Processing Solutions hasn’t posted anything for over 30 days for their 2K followers. Five videos, the most recent posted over 1 year ago.

Processing Point Inc hasn’t posted anything for over 3 months for their 311 followers.  No videos.

Elite Payment Processing hasn’t posted anything for over 2 months for their 1.5K followers.  No videos.

Central Payment Processing hasn’t posted anything for over 2 months for their 74 followers.  No videos.

Limited Conclusion:  Payment Processing businesses are not using video at all.

If you are a payment processor, should you invest in video for Facebook?

Yes.  The people who like these business pages are people who use their services already.  You want to drive new business to your company.  Invest in quality video, pay to boost it, and you will get people talking and sharing your video. 

We are still left with our first question:  How often should I post new video on my Facebook page?

Once a week.  We will have to do what the bloggers say, and rely on data.  Post one video, and see how many views and shares and likes and subscribers you get.  Next week, post another video and check results.  Third week, repost the first video.  By the fourth week, you will know if once a week works, or if it is annoying.  By the fourth week, you will know if any sales have happened, and can adjust accordingly.

Is that too much?  Is that overwhelming?  Then just post one quality video, and pay to boost the same video once a month.

Sometimes we just have to get our toes wet before jumping in.  Do one video.  Put one video out.  Don't worry if it isn't perfect.  If we wait for everything to be perfect, nothing will ever get done. 

If we wait for everything to be perfect, nothing will ever get done.
— Tonya Lehman, @JoyLabLearning