Different is Nice, Until it Drives You Crazy

Some families have children that are different.

Actually, every child had difficult days.  Even children in perfect families.

(Here’s the secret – there are no perfect families).

Having a child with ADHD or autism brings challenges to your home and to your child’s school experience.

Autism and ADHD are known as invisible disabilities

  • A child with autism has no outward sign of his disability. 

  • A child with ADHD looks just like every other child.

Yet children with autism or ADHD can act different than the other children.  And this can cause confusion, frustration, and even anger in the adults around the child.

Here is what our expert Crystal has to say about taking a child with autism out in public.

You wish you had a button that said, “My kid is not spoiled, my kid has autism. Give them some space!”
— Crystal Sanford, Autism Expert

Exploring Invisible Disabilities: ADHD & Autism is our short online video course geared to helping parents understand these two common invisible disabilities.

Two experts in education as well as ADHD and autism provide an understanding of both disabilities in a short video course. Only $24 will bring you to a peace of mind and understanding about your child and their disability.

Understanding invisible disabilities helps.

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How to Get Your Child to Do What You Want

Lists can help a child manage tasks. Here are some tips for success!

We have many more ways to support you on your ADHD or autism journey.

No obligation. No judgement. Just hope for your parenting journey.

My Child is Not Spoiled

Some people just can’t keep their opinions to themselves.

You don’t know what she’s thinking about you, but it can’t be good!

You don’t know what she’s thinking about you, but it can’t be good!

When you are out in public with your child, and your child throws a tantrum, everyone is suddenly an expert. Really, they are a critic.

Dads can really be the target of unkind words from strangers when their child misbehaves.

Dads can really be the target of unkind words from strangers when their child misbehaves.

It can be worse when you child has an invisible disability such as autism or ADHD.

Our expert Crystal says

As a parent you are always thinking, “What are people thinking when my child tantrums?” Because they are going to tantrum about something.

Watch this 1 minute 44 second video where Crystal explains what it is like for parents when their child has a meltdown in public.

Our experts Crystal and Cindi want to help you with your child’s journey through autism or ADHD.

No judgement.

No obligation.

Just hope for your child.

If Momma Ain't Happy...

Marriage can be strained by a child with disabilities.

To be fair, no one looked happy in old time photos. I’m sure she was a lovely lady in person.

To be fair, no one looked happy in old time photos. I’m sure she was a lovely lady in person.

When a child is struggling, parents struggle, too.

  • What is the best way to help our child?

  • Who is right?

  • Why is the teacher always calling me at work?

Sometimes, we blame ourselves.

Sometimes, we blame each other.

Don’t worry. This is a stock photo, and the parents are just acting. So is that adorable boy.

Don’t worry. This is a stock photo, and the parents are just acting. So is that adorable boy.

It is even worse when the school professionals are telling you stuff about your child that you disagree with.

Watch our expert Cindi explain your rights as a parent in this 50 second video.

We know you have the best interest of your child at heart. We know you love your partner, and wish it would get easier.

We know.

We've been there.

That's why we have created a variety of resources to help families just like yours.

No obligation.

No judgement.

Just support for your ADHD and autism journey.

We believe in you and are cheering you on. Let us know if you have any questions.

Wishing Your Child Better Doesn't Work

Your child has ADHD.  Or autism.  The diagnosis isn’t a death sentence, but some of the wishes you have for your family are dying.

  • You wish you could go to family activities without Aunt Margaret criticizing your child’s behavior.

  • You wish your child could finish school projects without last minute drama.

  • You wish the teacher would like your child.

  • You wish you had peace in your home.

Teacher scolding child.

Teacher scolding child.

Do you feel stuck?  Do you avoid certain people because they make you feel like a bad parent?  Do you feel you have done all you can, yet school is still awful?

Maybe you can just try harder.

Oh, please. 

Insanity is doing the same thing over and over, and expecting different results.

insanity albert einstein.jpg


Make a better choice.

We have created our ADHD Parent Master Course:  Knowledge is Power to help you.  To make a difference in your child’s life.  To make a difference in your family.

Simply watch our 11 video lessons along with over 30 brief expert answers to questions parents are often unwilling to ask.

You are busy. Everyone is busy. This video course is like having access to experts whenever you want!

Binge watch the course.  Or listen to it as you would an audiobook.  Or watch a little at a time.  Owning the course gives you unlimited access to Crystal and Cindi on your own schedule.

With this course, you will get answers you need.

  • What ADHD is,

  • How to navigate school for your child with ADHD,

  • Where you can get help.

Knowledge is power! 

Instead of wishing things could get better for your child, you are taking action.

Instead of trying the same thing over and over, you will understand your child, and know what to do.

Imagine having these benefits:

  • You will save your sanity once you learn exactly how ADHD truly is a brain-based disorder. 

  • You will save thousands of dollars on advocate and attorney fees. You will be able to navigate the school system like a pro!

  • You will save hours of your limited time because you will know where you can get the help you need for your child.

It’s time to decide.

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PS. if you have questions, see the Frequently Asked Questions section on our product page.

Do You Wish You Felt Special?

You are special.  You are talented.  You are smart. You are creative.  You are thoughtful.  You are hard working. You are brave.

While we’re at it, let’s add: You are good looking!

Bloody faced boy

Bloody faced boy

If someone said that to us, it would warm our hearts. 

Sometimes, we do get to hear words of affirmation.

Sometime, it feels like days go by with only complaints and demands reaching our ears.

It is too easy to focus on the negative.  Let’s choose to see the bright side of life.

tenor (1).gif

Maybe today you will have someone make you feel special.

Maybe today it will fall on you to make other people feel special.

If that is the case, know that YOU ARE APPRECIATED.  Even if it doesn’t feel like it.  You are valuable and you are important.

You are special strawberries

You are special strawberries

Think of your child with ADHD or autism.  How often do they see frowny faces or frustrated faces?

Our ADHD Parent Master Course:  Knowledge is Power can help.

You are busy.  Do you really need to add watching an online video course to your to-do list?

  • Yes.  Take this seriously.  Our ADHD Parent Master Course: Knowledge is Power is based on decades of experience helping people live in harmony with ADHD, not in conflict with ADHD.

You are busy. 

  • Did you know you can listen to the videos while you go about your day?  Think of them as a podcast or audio book.

  • And you can start and stop the program at any time, taking it up again when you have time.

If you are facing autism or other disabilities, we have resources for you, also, right here.

Crystal helping clients

Crystal helping clients

Cindi helping clients

Cindi helping clients

If we sat down with you for an hour or two, we could help you understand that ADHD is a brain-based disorder, teach you how to navigate school for your child with ADHD, and guide you to accessible resources to help.  We wish we could sit down with each and every one of you.  If you are in San Diego, please reach out for an appointment.

But since we can’t meet individually with everyone we wish to help, we created this ADHD Master Course:  Knowledge is Power.  We recommend you join.  Your peace of mind is worth the price!

When Wishes Backfire

Do you get jealous when someone’s wish is granted?  Just a little?

Why can’t I be one of the richest couples in the world?

Melinda & Bill Gates

Melinda & Bill Gates

Why can’t Marie Kondo come to my house to make it life-changing-ly tidy?

Why can’t my baby be as adorable as hers?

Adorable baby girl

Adorable baby girl

You don’t have to tell us.  But as much as we strive to be positive and encouraging, sometimes it pinches just a little when someone else gets their wish.

So today let’s look at some wishes that turned out to be bad news.


Golden apple - pretty, but not edible!

Golden apple - pretty, but not edible!

Wish-failure:  King Midas.

Everything he touches turns to gold.  That’s a great thing, until he gets hungry.  Until his precious daughter gives him a kiss on the cheek.

A solid gold daughter.


Beach Boys album

Beach Boys album

Wish-failure:  The Beach Boys singing, “I wish they all could be California girls.” 


(This is too well written for us to do anything but copy directly from the clever blog post “Wishes that Backfire” by writer suesspiciousminds.)

Take the Beach Boys lyric - of course any girl could be a California girl, simply by moving to California. Every female would become a "California girl", probably wrecking the local infrastructure and irretrievable breaking the San Andreas fault, and sending their beloved State into the ocean.

There are now no girls in China, India, or Brazil, or anywhere else. This leaves the population of those places to riot, cease work, and eventually die out, and there's no production of any of the world's vital resources, because every female living on the planet is in California, who will now have no chocolate, or coffee, or alcohol, or rice, or meat. Life in California will be crowded, and bereft of life's essentials. Everywhere else would be half-empty and bereft of life's essentials. Let us hope that none of the Beach Boys ever come across a genie in a bottle.

As true California girls, we're pleading with you. Don't let this happen!

California girls and boys.

California girls and boys.

Wish-Failure:  Sick Days

Have you ever sent your kid to school, hoping they weren’t really sick?  Did you regret it?

Yes.  And yes.

We miss Calvin & Hobbs!

We miss Calvin & Hobbs!

Wish-Failure:  Pets are Good For Us

You wish you had a pet, then your husband brings home a wild and crazy kitten. Or worse.

True story.

Wild snake in man’s hand

Wild snake in man’s hand

Wish-Failure:  Time for Friends

You wish you had time to reconnect with old friends, and once you do, you remember why you lost touch to begin with.

Sad, but true.

Bored women.

Bored women.

Wishing and yearning is all well and good.  Striving to better ourselves is the American way. 

Just remember to be gracious towards others who get their wish.  It could be you.

It could be better it’s not you!

Woman with large snake.

Woman with large snake.

PS.   We wish good days for you and your child with ADHD. We want to help!  Our video course is like having access to your own expert any time you want! Please click today to join our ADHD Master Course:  Knowledge is Power.  All the details are here.  If you are experiencing autism, we have help here, too.

List-Makers Rule the World!

October 30 is National Checklist Day.  Honest!

Extreme workout checklist. Whew!

Extreme workout checklist. Whew!

Just kidding.  That’s HIS checklist, not ours.

Some of you are list-makers.

  • Do you keep a list of movies you want to watch, books you want to read, restaurants you want to try?

  • Do you start off the new year with a list of goals?

  • Do you have a list of chores for each member of your family?

And the ultimate sign you are a list maker:

  • Do you ever get something done, then go back and write it on your To-Do List, just so you can cross it off?

Lovely list-maker

Lovely list-maker

A to-do list is like a wish list, except you are more likely to do the things on your to-do list.

A wish list is like those New Year’s resolutions.  “I wish I could lose weight.”  “I wish I could put more money in savings.”

Wishful thinking.

Yet to-do lists seem to compel us to take action.


Taking action is a good thing! (Unless robbing a bank is on your To-Do list).

Bank robber silhouette.

Bank robber silhouette.

What about our children?  Can we make to-do lists for them?

A chore chart is a to-do list. 


  • Eat breakfast

  • Get dressed

  • Brush teeth & hair

  • Put on socks and shoes

  • Get backpack

  • Get lunch

Beautiful school morning!

Beautiful school morning!

Easy, right?  Mornings should be a breeze!

We wish!

Watch this 38 second video to see what our expert says about to-do lists.

Our children need our help.  Even more so if they are affected by ADHD or autism or other disabilities.

A list could help.

“Remember, they need to keep it short,” says our expert Cindi.

You can’t wish away ADHD.  But there is hope for your child with ADHD. Here are some list-making strategies that parents find helpful:

  • Making a list is a great form of mental rehearsal, of going through the tasks and goals of the day. As you help your child make a list, talk about each step so they can visualize doing it.

  • Many kids with ADHD have poor handwriting due to problems with fine motor coordination.  Writing and talking through the list is more important the reading the list.  Writing on ‘special’ paper, such as sticky notes or official planning paper or even a tablet, can help.

  • Keep the list short; three items is a good list. Watch for when your child gets frustrated with an item on the list and help them change the failure message.  Be their cheerleader!

You are a resourceful parent. Do you use special paper for your child’s to-do lists?  What have you found works for to-do lists? How will you be your child’s cheerleader today?  Let us know so we can share with other parents just like you.

Every day should be Valentine’s Day!

Every day should be Valentine’s Day!

PS.  This is just a small example of the benefit we have in ADHD Parent Master Course:  Knowledge is Power.  Learn more here. Join us! And if you’re experiencing autism, see our other resources here.